Activity for the human rights

Defending the law

Lawyer Michael Smirnoff

During thirty five years of work, Michael Smirnoff has got the rich legal practice, he has become a highly qualified expert in the field of investments, privatization, tax law. He participated very many times in the various trials on penal and civil cases, on economic and labour disputes, in the various courts of Saint-Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, in the Arbitration Court of Saint-Petersburg and the Region, in the arbitration courts of other regions of Russia, in the ones of countries of CIS and Baltic countries (that is former USSR), in the High Arbitration Court of Russia, in the Supreme Court of Russia, he defended the rights of citizens and organizations, he represented citizens and organizations in the Administration of Justice, in the Registration Chamber of Saint-Petersburg, in the tax and other state authorities, and he also participated in the defence of the rights of the accused persons in the preliminary inquest and in the court.

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