Lawyer's aid

United Collegium of Lawyers of Saint-Petersburg

The lawyers Michael Smirnoff & Serge Popoff, the deputy to the State Duma

The most qualified lawyers in Saint-Petersburg are members of the United Collegium of Lawyers of Saint-Petersburg. The lawyers, that have joined the United Collegium, have become followers of the best traditions of the russian bar. The lawyers of the United Collegium are capable to solve the most difficult legal problems, combining the comprehensive methods with the high level of knowledge and information support.

The United Collegium of Lawyers of Saint-Petersburg has reunited the best experts in the field of jurisprudence and it possesses the very huge intellectual potential: for your service there are experts of various branches of the law. Michael Smirnoff, one of the lawyers of the First advocate office Ц the leading office of the United Collegium, will render you the qualified legal aid, you need.

The lawyer Michael Smirnoff took part in various cases on the inquiry, on the preliminary investigation and in the courts, including the magistratesТ courts and the federal ones almost of the every district of Saint-Petersburg city, and also the courts of law of many regions of the Leningrad region and Moscow city. The lawyer took part also in the military courts, in the arbitration courts, in the Saint-Petersburg city court and in the Leningrad region court, in the Moscow city court, in the courts of the Republic of Karelia, in the European Court of Human Rights. Having carried out in twenty years of lawyerТs activity, beginning from November 1993, more than one thousand cases in various instances, the lawyer Michael Smirnoff, as a rule, always finished cases and achieved lawful result, without having any lost case.

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