Preliminary prices for legal advice and services

The Saint-Petersburg State University

The lawyer is capable to solve a lot of your problems. He will render you the following kinds of legal aid:

Ц advice and consultations on all legal problems, drafts for agreements and complaints, preparation of documents for the court and other legal documents;

Ц representation in the court, in the arbitration, other state authorities, and also defence of accused persons in the preliminary inquest and in the court on penal cases;

Ц legal support of the registration of enterprises, noncommercial organizations and public associations, legal service for enterprises and organizations;

Ц problems of legal maintenance of foreign trade activities, lien, mortgage, lease, land tenure, taxation, legal maintenance and examination of the bargains with the real estate, all kinds of legal examinations and solution of other legal problems.

Professional legal specialization

1. Penal cases of any complexity at any stage of the procedure and in any instance.

2. Cases of the administrative offenses wich connected with charge on penal cases.

3. Civil cases:
Hereditary cases and lawsuits. Property sharing. Lawsuits on real estate. Contractual legal relationship. Recognition of the invalid transaction. Family lawsuits. Sharing of the property sewed in marriage. Divorce cases, lawsuits about children.

4. Preparation and maintenance of applications in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


  • Advice, consultations Ц 10-50И
  • Drafts for agreements Ц 50-100И
  • Lawsuits, complaints to be written and lodged to the court Ц 50-100И
  • Preparation of documents for the court Ц 100-300И
  • Conducting the cases in the court of general jurisdiction (per a day of the court session) Ц 50-150И
  • Conducting the cases in the arbitration court (one level) Ц 5-25%
  • Problems and disputes with customs and tax authorities Ц 15-25%
  • Service as a personal lawyer (per month) Ц 50-200И
  • Legal service for enterprises (per month) Ц 200-1000И
  • Legal advice during the process of purchase of a flat Ц 500-1500И
  • Legal advice in deals with commercial real estate (shops, offices, separately standing buildings, houses) Ц 1000-4500И
  • Defence of accused persons in the preliminary inquest and in the court on penal cases (depending to the complexity of the case) Ц 500-4500И
  • Visit and legal support in the prison and in the other places of the preventive punishment Ц 60-100И

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